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Community expectations are high. CouncilWise provides council executives with the tools to help councils meet these expectations.
Intelligent communities
Our approach to cloud risk is like yours - conservative. Enjoy unparalleled service level agreements to manage your risks.
Confidential + Secure
Why pay for what you don't use? Our consumption-based SaaS pricing keeps your operations flexible and scalable (and affordable!)
Affordable Pricing Model

CouncilWise is a
local government management platform

Developed for council by council, we have partnered with tech giant Microsoft to bring you a complete range of features which makes running a local government effortless & affordable.

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Our pricing is public. Pay per user, per role, per month. Finally you will only pay for what you need!
'Pay for Use' Pricing
Be agile, scale up and scale down when you want to on a monthly subscription basis that is easily adjusted any time.
No Long Term Contracts
Stop spending on centralised hardware, maintenance and security - let Microsoft Azure handle this, and use the savings on service delivery!
Reduce Capital Expenditure

CouncilWise is
scalable and cost-effective for any size team

Local government software does not need to be break the bank! Designed to dramatically reduce the financial burden on local government, CouncilWise allows you to choose what features and how many users you want, and is priced accordingly to save you money. You can even upscale or downscale at any time.

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Finances, property and rates, assets, records, email, network fileshare, citizen engagement and more!
Its all here!
Access and interact with your council system, anytime, anywhere. Finally!
Access Anytime, Anywhere
Opt for automated upgrades or control when an upgrade occurs to accommodate for your integrations and customisations.
COntrol your upgrades

CouncilWise is
seamlessly integrated and simple to use

Built on Microsoft Azure and Office 365, CouncilWise integrates finance, asset management, property & rating, records management and citizen services to keep you in control of the complexities of local government business. We've even thrown in the upgrades for free, forever.

(We can hear the applause from here.)

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Move from traditional technology environments to paperless processes and online transactions, you will be amazed at the savings we deliver!
Huge Efficiency Gains
We've been at the forefront of local government shared services and resource sharing for years: it just got a whole lot easier!
Connect With Other Councils
You might want us to provide support (we're good at it!), or you might want another council to do it. Not a problem!
Innovative Support Model

CouncilWise is
infinitely powerful

Many call it digital transformation, but it is really business transformation!

CouncilWise allows you to focus on running your council's operation while reducing technology overheads. Things simply work, and you know what you are paying for. At last, your team can concentrate on a platform that supports innovation. Get your council future ready, for machine learning, IoT and big data analytics.

Because these capabilities are included!

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