Bringing true change to local gov

While delivering true change to the local government ERP space, we are often told “But that can’t work in the real world”. Well, a growing number of councils across Australia would tell you it does work. We would love to show you how it can work for your council.

Councils on Platform


And growing fast!

To the cent accuracy


No conversion has ever been out by more than $10 from the previous system

Catering for

Property & Rates

Full property & Rates module with industry-leading accuracy and simplicity


From animals to parking infringements, we cater for all of it

Animal Management

Dedicated animal management module, catering for any situation that council may encounter

Fire Notices

A module dedicated to the management of fire notices

Full API access

It’s your data, you can access it however you like, for free

Land Management

We understand that parcels of land are not properties, and vice versa, so we built a module specifically for them

Licences and Permits

Handle your permits with ease – anything from food handling permits to hoarding permits.


Full point of sale system that integrates with your finance package of choice and can be run from anywhere


Catering for all of your council needs, have a single point of truth regarding properties and people.

and much much more

about us

CouncilWise was started by ex-local government employees who were continuously frustrated with software vendors appearing to sell half-finished software with implementation times that often-spanned years. We knew we would do better, so we did. Fast forward a few years and we are onboarding councils across Australia, finding councils that really do want to change for the better, instead of doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Contact us to learn how we can help your council.


Like our clients, we are passionate about property and rates, and driven to get it right. Our staff are, too. With a skilled and growing team, we provide proven results.

Why reinvent the wheel

While others in the industry decide to run their own cloud to provide their products to customers, we decided that’s something we don’t want to be focusing our time on. We want to create fantastic software, not ensure a server is on and operational. So, we reached out to Microsoft and built all of our systems to tightly integrate with what they offer and let them keep it operational for us.

This ensures that our apps have exceptional uptime, speed and industry-leading security monitoring features.

Microsoft 365 Authentication

We utilise Microsoft authentication to ensure your council’s IT team have full control over access security. Peace of mind!

SharePoint Integration

All documents stored in CouncilWise are housed in SharePoint libraries within your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Microsoft Word Templates

Create, manage and bulk process documents based on Microsoft Word templates. Unlimited flexibility using skills your team already have!

Based in Microsoft Azure

We are firmly committed to delivering our solution within the Microsoft Azure cloud, and maximising the security and ease of use for our customers.

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