We’re not for Everyone

Real-life strategy to reach your goals.

But we might be for you!

In the wild world of local government software solutions, we’re here to bring some sanity back.

Sick of unending implementations, costly periodic updates, budget blowouts from unplanned variations, and straight up vapourware?

Are you changing from your existing software because you want a system that actually delivers better results?

Interested in excellent support from people who know their own product and respond quickly with solutions?

If this describes you and your organisation, then we might be right for you. We deliver top-notch property and rating solutions on time, on budget, and well supported. We do it once, and we do it right.

We strive for diversity across the globe

Who we are

CouncilWise is revolutionising local government software by delivering solutions that are both functional and effective, built by a team with extensive firsthand local government experience. Leveraging this deep understanding of municipal operations, CouncilWise is uniquely equipped to meet the specific needs of local governments, avoiding the common pitfalls of expensive, underperforming software solutions that have plagued the industry. Aimed at disrupting the ERP software market, CouncilWise offers efficient, cost-effective features designed to address the real challenges faced by local governments. With a commitment to accuracy, relevance, and effectiveness, CouncilWise is dedicated to providing software that fulfills the industry’s needs on every level, ensuring solutions are right from the start.

What we do

At the core of our offerings, we provide a suite of specialized modules designed to streamline and enhance the operational efficiency of local governments. These modules are for things such as:

  • Property & Rates, simplifying the management of property-related transactions and tax assessments
  • Infringements, handling the efficient processing of violations and penalties;
  • Receipting, delivering a comprehensive solution for managing financial transactions;
  • Development Applications, facilitating the review and approval of building and development projects;
  • Permit Handling, streamlining the issuance and management of various permits;
  • Animal Management, managing companion animal registrations, compliance, and welfare.

Just to name a few!

These modules, among others, are tailored to address the diverse needs of local governments, ensuring that they can deliver services effectively and efficiently to their communities.

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