Who is this man?

He is Ben Dornier and he can save your council thousands of dollars each year.
Posted on
October 8, 2018

Ben is a former senior local government manager, but he also knows technology and he can show you how you can save money that in turn can be invested in providing more and better services for your ratepayers and community.

Each year, many councils unnecessarily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on IT software and hardware, when they could be using more effcient and specially designed software and Cloud solutions to meet their technology needs.

Let Ben show you the latest technology and demonstrate the substantial savings you can achieve for your council. Put Ben to the test. It costs nothing to discover how you can improve your IT efficiency and council management, as well as save thousands of dollars.

Ben Dornier is Chief Digital Officer of CouncilWise Pty Ltd.

CouncilWise is a certified Microsoft cloud solutions provider (CSP) and independent software vendor (ISV).

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