CouncilWise Programming Team Grows

CouncilWise is pleased to welcome Farshad Nouranian and Zoleikha Aliomran to the product development team. These two incredibly talented programmers will help shape the future of our PropertyWise solution!
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October 22, 2018

BRIGHTON Council and its wholly-owned information technology business CouncilWise have made two senior appointments to its product development team. Highly qualified Farshad Nouranian and Zoleikha Aliomran have joined the Tasmanian-based team working to ensure the CouncilWise solution for local government remains leading edge and cost effective.

CouncilWise is a fast, secure and effective local government management platform developed by Brighton’s local government expert staff in partnership with tech giant Microsoft. Cloud-based, it comprises a complete range of features to make running a local government authority effortless and affordable.

CouncilWise Development Team: Scott Christian, Zoleikha Aliomrhan, Farshad Nouranian and Scott Smith

Brighton Council’s General Manager and CouncilWise CEO Ron Sanderson said Farshad's background in web and API development, database design and project management as well as his experience in previous senior technical roles both in the software industry and in academia made him well-positioned to focus on the development of the PropertyWise management software from a technical architecture perspective.

“His skills in a large number of programming and database languages bring a strong focus on quality assurance to the business,” Mr Sanderson said.

“Zoleikha is similarly qualified, coming from a multi-disciplinary background of computer science and software engineering. With strengths in HTML5, she will be focusing on the user interface and experience, ensuring PropertyWise users have fast, accurate access to council functions such as property and rating management, animal control and development applications.”

Mr Sanderson said it was a great advantage that Brighton Council was able to find such highly qualified programmers locally in Tasmania. “CouncilWise is a small, innovative team, and both Farshad and Zoleikha have already made a significant impact on our speed of development.

“We look forward to providing more information as we further develop and market our local government software solutions,” Mr Sanderson said.

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