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Learn from City of Tea Tree Gully about joining the dots for smart city approaches - people, place, data and process. Built on Assetic!
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September 12, 2017

Ben Clark from City of Tea Tree Gully was awarded the National Asset Management Institute of Engineering Award (NAMie) for best paper at the IPWEA International Public Works Conference. Ben is Asset Business Administrator at this leading Assetic cloud platform site. His presentation and paper discussed CTTG's ‘Managing Assets through Capability and Knowledge (MACK)’ continuous improvement project. Ben’s award recognises 'best demonstration of significant contribution to advancing asset management in an organisation and scope to be applied in other organisations'.


As part of his presentation, Ben unveiled a CTTG video created to show the four dots to join as a smart city - people, place, data, and process. The video is a brilliant example of citizen engagement, using technology to inform and collaborate in service delivery. We were very privileged to be a part of it. If you have 90 seconds, check it out!

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