you will love these features

Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud and presented via Office 365, CouncilWise offers deep integration and collaboration across its product suite, superior management tools and auditing functionality, and world-class financial, asset, property and rating and records management while ensuring that the solution is available anywhere, at any time.

Property & Rating

The heart of any local government! Built by local government, for local government, this is the most flexible and extensible property and rating system available in the market. Superior rates modelling, flexible receipting, development applications, permits and licencing, animal management, water and sewage - our system simply works. Ask our rates officer!

Manage properties

Local government is a property-based world - we need to know and manage every piece of information attached to a property. Working in local government, we know how crucial getting it right is, as well as the implications of getting it wrong. That's why we get it right!

generate property ratings

Brighton Council has the happiest rates officers in Australia! For 20 years they have been a constant part of developing our property and rating software - if its not exactly what they need then its not good enough.

Integrated Records Management

Whatever you do, rest assured that records generated in your property and rating system are taken care of by our VERS compliant records system - painlessly.

Asset Management

Make better decisions. Extend your asset lives.

A typical infrastructure asset portfolio degrades at ~3-4% per annum. Introduce a better asset management practice into your council, reduce the rate of asset degradation and save millions for your council. Others certainly have, so talk to us about how your council can as well!

predict, Optimise and plan

Predict the rate of asset decline using industry-specific pre-boxed algorithms. Achieve the best possible asset outcome, meet service level expectations while managing asset-based risks plus meeting regulatory requirements. 

maintain your assets

Total asset maintenance management including reactive, preventive and strategic maintenance. Align your council to industry standards such as ISO55000. Ensure asset maintenance is executed efficiently.

Asset Registers and compliance

The foundation of Asset Management. Pre-configured central asset register for all asset classes. Component-level asset accounting for AASB compliance including Fair Valuation and standard reports.

Leverage Spatial Intelligence

Your Asset Management Plan (AMP) online. A living spatial AMP for easy decision making. Deep integration with spatial tools and other components of the CouncilWise platform.

Citizen Services

Built on Microsoft Azure, our citizen services platform handles all council transactions while assisting decision makers by informing them of community needs and expectations. Powerful machine learning technology drives valuable insights for strategic decision makers, and true citizen engagement is available to your residents 24/7 via any channel - online or in person. Digital transformation is now affordable and effective for every local government!


Residents and ratepayers expect to be able to carry out their transactions where they want, when they want. Our portal is built on Microsoft's Azure platform, and allows councils to deliver transactional services 24/7.


Using your CouncilWise native app, residents are able to interact with you anytime, anywhere. Integrated with your GIS and asset infrastructure, reports on faults, complaints and issues is seamlessly tied to council operations, with results fed back not only to the resident - but to everyone.


Forums, surveys, newsletters and social media - our platform not only helps you understand what the community is saying, it helps you drive the solutions.


Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enjoy a truly paperless office, while benefiting from the out of the box integration with all other systems. Things simply work. More than 150,000 businesses use this software, and our pricing makes it accessible to big city councils as well as small regional councils, without sacrificing the capabilities you expect in a finance system.

Paperless processes

With all the features you wished your current system had, CouncilWise Financials will also put smiles on your auditor's faces.

Familiar interface

Our system will feel familiar to you and your staff. If you can use Microsoft Word or Excel, shifting to this system will be a dream.

Get mobility, out of the box

Everyone has an app these days, but all apps are not created equal. Ours is cross platform and developed and maintained by Microsoft themselves, so it just works.