Choosing a software platform in local government is no small matter - councils seek long term stability and efficiency, and require software partners who know their business. At councilwise, we know your business, because we are in the business!

These faq's can help you understand more about the platform and service offerings. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us!


How compatible to our environment is the CouncilWise platform?

If you are worried about compatibility, we got you covered. CouncilWise is delivered via the internet, and supports both Apple and Windows 10 environments. As long as printer drivers are present on the device, receipt printing is no drama at all. We are device agnostic, and there is no lock in.

Can we use CouncilWise without moving to the cloud?

Not in any meaningful way. While several of our components will work in an on-premise environment, we have designed CouncilWise to work in the cloud, and thus do not sell or support on-premise installations. That said we can help you understand the benefits of the Cloud and work with you to progressively transfer your on premise services into our unified environment. Quite a number of Australian government strategies have moved to 'cloud-first' approaches and are reaping the benefits - no matter how large or how small, your council can benefit from moving into the cloud. We can show you how.

People keep telling me about how risky moving into the cloud is. How do I manage this risk?

Nothing in the technology is without risk, just as there is risk in crossing a road. The cloud has continually been developed through many challenges and has
survived all affronts. Data sovereignty, privacy and online mitigation are the foundations of Cloud and Microsoft’s Azure platform is at the forefront in assuring Cloud security. The Australian Defence Directorate assesses security on behalf of government and Microsoft is certified as a provider of Cloud service to Canberra. This demonstrates the industry commitment to risk management and service continuity.

Ask yourself this question when you think of Cloud sourcing CouncilWise - Can my council match the resources and capacity of the Microsoft Enterprise when
protecting my critical information and technology operations?

Still concerned, CouncilWise can provide details of SLA’s and security due diligence considerations to put your mind at rest.

I already have Office 365. Why do I need you?

You are using Office 365 - great choice! No matter how you got here, we can work with you to integrate our product suite into your Office 365 environment. Remember, this is merely the first step - our property and rating, regulatory applications, animal management and licensing and permit functions integrate seamlessly with Office 365, so it sounds as if you are ready to go the next step.

What comes with Office 365?

By the time you read this, it will be our of date. Short answer - a lot!

There are many flavours of Office 365

Licencing in Office 365 is always per user, per month, and core plans we recommend users be licenced for:

  • Exchange email
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Office, to be installed on a desktop/laptop
  • Azure Active Directory

A number of other functions come with most packages, including Delve, Sway, Forms, Bookings to name a few. For additional costs, MS Project and PowerBI can be included, as well as InTune, the Microsoft mobile device management platform.

Can I access CouncilWise from anywhere in the world?

You sure can. All you need to access the complete CouncilWise platform is an internet connection and login credentials, and you can get to work. But do remember to have a break from work on your holiday!


I need more information on property and rating.

We wrote the software, and this is our pride and joy. It handles simple and complex rating scenarios covering all jurisdictions in Australia, and we are constantly updating it as legislation changes. Need to model new scenarios as your council's strategy changes? Not a problem. Do you handle water and other utility services in addition to standard council services? Not a problem.

Superior development application flexibility

Flexibility need not mean complexity. You are able to streamline your development application processes out of the box, but flexibility remains in order to cater for your unique needs. With a little training, you can even do it yourself!

All of the extras you expect

Building inspections, receipting, licensing and permits, council registers, animal management, parking infringements - these are the unique activities which form the core of local government business. We handle them all, and actively seek new use cases from our customers as requirements change. If you can imagine it, we can turn it into a business solution and then role it out to all our customers as one of our growing improvements.

Often in the local government software world, you get told the software can do exactly what you want. With CouncilWise, you are working with people who are doing the same work under similar constraints as you, and we are committed to developing real solutions to real problems.

What GIS solution is included?

In short - none. We integrate with your GIS system of preference. Integration is carried out by your GIS staff using our API.