CouncilWise Records Management

Be Compliant - and happy

Far from it - but it is a vital function not only in maintaining statutory compliance, but also to ensuring that knowledge is accessible and consistent across council. When records management is inefficient, it is likely that a council is inefficient. Getting it right is no small matter.

Remove end user burden

Tackle the challenge of user adoption with a fully integrated, automated, and flexible solution that allows the end user to work in a familiar Microsoft Office environment.

Flexible implementation

One size doesn’t fit all. Align the solution according to your business needs.

Familiar interface for records manager

A centralized and intuitive management interface to manage the end-to-end information lifecycle.

Powerful reporting

Comprehensive reporting suite available through the central interface that covers all aspects of the information management lifecycle.

We've got it covered. (Well, recorded!)

We know records, because we manage them as well. Our records management solution is based on Microsoft SharePoint, and is VERS compliant.

For your Management Team

Our solution reduces risk using real-time or scheduled scanning against defined business rules to ensure compliance with organisational policies.

We streamline the implementation and enforcement of access, provisioning, and security management policies with complete, unified management and control over content, customisations, users, and security across the entire CouncilWise suite.

For your Records Manager

Our full taxonomy management capability synchronizes to Managed Metadata term stores in real time or on a schedule. (Smile!) We ensure compliance with the information standards and policies of your council using seamlessly integrated business rules that are invisible to end users. (Don't have any information standards or policies? We can help you with that, too!)

Archive content to long term preservation formats in compliance with legislation, and transfer to secondary storage or archival facilities as required - either virtual (we provide this!) or physical storage. Avoid expensive upgrade paths and SharePoint customisations - you will always be up to date.

Apply information management policies to all CouncilWise content, regardless of format, from the time of creation through to decisions on retention, disposal, or transfer. Report on classification, rule associations, content due for disposal, and all actions executed, while managing both electronic and physical content from across the CouncilWise platform.

For your Staff

Our solution is familiar because it is integrated within Microsoft desktop applications. Many have tried this - ours really does it. Email records and their attachments are handled as well, greatly reduce the size of personal inboxes by saving emails to records and replacing attachments with links.

We'll help your council break down data silos and streamline workflows by allowing users to effortlessly surface Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Windows File Explorer content, creating a single, central collaboration hub.