Property and Rating

All the features you need

It is fair to say that no one views paying their rates as an exciting activity. But we all know what can happen to the community's trust when councils get it wrong! Ensure this doesn't happen - CouncilWise provides the most flexible and versatile property and rating package in Australia. Oh, and it will put a smile on your Rates Officer's face, because it was built with them in mind.

All the features you want

Our property and rating software developers work in the same building as Brighton Council. This means as soon as a need is identified by council officers our software development team are informed and on to creating a solution.

Made for local government

For 20 years we have been working closely with rates officers, planners, building and plumbing inspectors, environmental health officers, and everyone else within council for that matter, to ensure that our software does everything a council needs in regards to property and rating. We know it is core to every council function and we also know that the software can either make a council officer's job easier and more satisfying, or a lot harder.