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Brighton Council's foray into council software started in property and rating - 20 years later, it is still the most agile and effective platform. During our journey, we've met quite a few others who are top of their game, and maintain an outcomes focus regarding service delivery and software capability. CouncilWise is proud to work with partners who are the best in their game, and share our vision of a better, more capable local government software platform. All of our partners are market leaders in their area - and all are committed to empowering councils to have the tools necessary to drive change, and working together in the CouncilWise 'eco-system' to translate this vision into reality. And we have!

Our Partners

Delivering excellence in their respective specialties, here are the CouncilWise partners:

Microsoft: CouncilWise is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and Independent Software Vendor. Our solutions are based in the Microsoft Azure platform and integrated with Office 365. This is the magic which ties everything together!

Assetic: Our asset management solution had to be the best in the business - so Assetic was a clear choice. The most advanced strategic asset management solution available today.

SurePact: We provide a faster, more cost-effective and efficient solution to improve existing processes and support significant compliance outcomes for contract risk identification with improved project and procurement outcomes. SurePact is closing the gap with CouncilWise to provide a full suite of positive disruption partners.

Dialog: National powerhouse Dialog runs one of the most successful Dynamics NAV support partners available. Dialog works with us to ensure CouncilWise's financial solution works for you.

AvePoint: Office 365 and SharePoint experts.  With AvePoint we are able to provide compliant records management as well as risk management across the entire user functionality. AvePoint provides the backbone of the most innovative citizen services portal available.

Interested in teaming up with CouncilWise?

For more on partnering with CouncilWise, contact info@councilwise.com.au - and bring your passion for local government with you.