Built on Microsoft Azure

Platform for Success

The demands from council residents are changing like never before - they want access to services, transactions, information and their natural and built environment 24/7 wherever they are. To meet these demands, local government needs to become agile like never before, while maintaining strong security and compliance with legislation. Often, this comes at an incredible cost to ratepayers.

Is IT your core business?

To respond effectively, councils need to re-assess their on premise software platforms, server environments and communications networks. Even if you do this well, it is likely you don't do it better than Microsoft - after all, it is their core business. With datacentres now spread across Australia, Microsoft offers via its Azure platform the real possibility for councils to enter the cloud in a strategic and compliant manner.

The weather is cloudy

Weather (sic!) we like it or not, cloud computing is quickly becoming a requirement to meet the need for agility and scalability in government services. It is a "when" not "if" regarding cloud adoption, particularly as smart city strategies gain momentum.

Not all cloud platforms are equal!

CouncilWise and Microsoft have partnered to carefully craft an Azure environment designed from the start to take advantage of featuresets delivering fast results and robust delivery. This is not a "we threw our stuff into the cloud" approach - Microsoft's Azure ninjas worked with us to carefully architect an environment providing superior security, extensibility and scalability.

Learn more

Have a look at this primer on Microsoft Azure, which gives a great overview of the capabilities of this robust platform.