Local Government Management Platform

We thought we would try something completely different.

Like you, we at CouncilWise are very aware of the pains involved with making software choices, implementing new systems, and keeping them well-run and supported. Not all solutions are equal, and nor is the support! We decided to team up with Microsoft and a group of like-minded partners to develop a new way of doing things - from the ground up. Built on Microsoft Azure and tightly wrapped into Microsoft Office 365, we have been able to remove a substantial amount of the grunt work necessary for councils to employ software to assist in service delivery.

So what is different?

  • No more server hardware. Yes, you heard us. Get off the capex treadmill, and enjoy the best uptime possible with the least heartache. IT staff will be smiling!
  • No more updates and patches. Our platform handles all of this for you.
  • Get what you want - we can roll out our entire platform for you, or you can choose the pieces you want to start with.
  • We integrate. If you have a business requirement for a third party product, we'll work with you to ensure it continues to meet your needs. In the cloud!