Asset Management driven by Assetic

Make better decisions.

Asset management is no small matter. Nearly 80% of civil infrastructure in Australia is managed by local government, often under tight fiscal constraints. Getting it right is increasingly becoming an urgent political, community and national issue. CouncilWise has partnered with the best in the game - Assetic. Employed by more than 100 councils in Australia, it is the industry leader in asset management software for councils.

Assetic empowers councils with the essential tools to understand and optimise their asset portfolio. Knowing your “Asset DNA” provides the core detail for evidence based asset management decisions and allows advancements in technology and engineering solutions to be exploited. Just think of the cost savings achieved through trenchless pipe replacement!

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Central Asset Register

The foundation of intelligent asset management.

The central asset register comes pre-configured for over 100+ asset classes. Built in-line with international standards and best-practice, it is the central hub of your asset data including attributes, service level information, valuations, risk management and reporting. The Asset Register incorporates powerful asset hierarchy structures which enable cross-asset category searching, analytics and reporting.

A single source of truth for all asset data, delivering maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Management

Designed by maintenance experts to make your life easier.

Assetic's works management solution is designed to accelerate business improvement through best-practice maintenance management processes.

Track work requests, plan, allocate resources, schedule and execute jobs. Whether at a reactive, preventative or strategic level, Assetic Maintenance helps council ensure that remedial work is executed efficiently and aligned with global best-practices standards such as ISO55000/PAS55. Use total life-cycle asset management capability – anywhere, anytime, on any connected device.

Predict, plan and prevent all boxed up in one system to strengthen your maintenance operation.

Assetic Predictor

Predict future and build intergenerational asset equity.

Assetic Predictor is a prediction modelling and decision support tool for long-term planning of infrastructure assets. It enables organisations to optimise service level outcomes against capital and maintenance expenditure. Industry-specific algorithms accurately predict the future behaviour of assets given available funding levels and enable scenario comparison to aid decision making.

·        Service-driven. Ensure your customers’ service level requirements drive capital investments

·        Predict. Apply condition-based life-cycle degradation profiles to accurately model the future condition and service levels of every asset.

·        Optimise. Allocate available funding in the optimal way to extend asset lives and improve service levels.

·        Plan. Determine long-term funding requirements to achieve desired service levels.

·        Compare. Create scenarios to demonstrate the impact of increased or decreased funding to inform capital investment decisions.

·        Capital Works. Produce a prioritised year-by-year capital works program at the touch of a button.

 A next-generation tool for a better tomorrow


Data sharing and integration

CouncilWise has done the heavy lifting. Out of the box integration.

Assetic is built upon architecture supporting integration to CouncilWise business systems ensuring GIS, finance, records management, citizen services, property and rating and other components. CouncilWise delivers you a ready-made, out of the box integrated platform. 

Assetic uses the integrated CouncilWise Citizen Services platform to leverage powerful abilities to assist in community engagement.

Integrate easily with other third-party systems with open data sources.

Integrated GIS

A map speaks a thousand words.

Powered by industry leader Esri on their ArcGIS Online platform, CouncilWise and Assetic deliver a holistic approach to strategic asset management and asset visualisation. Powerful features extend across the CouncilWise platform allowing new insights on existing knowledge. Paired with the machine learning features built into our Microsoft Azure cloud platform, you will be amazed at what you can do.

A visual Asset Management Plan (AMP).