A Platform for Everyone

Local Government comes in all shapes and sizes

Councils come in all shapes and sizes - rural councils the size of Victoria with less than 8,000 residents, to metro councils with 5,000 staff, and everything in between. One question regularly coming to us regarding the CouncilWise platform is what size council is it designed for? The very brief answer? Any council.

We scale

Every component in our platform can be scaled to enormous proportions. Any size asset base, we can handle. Our finance system? It also runs the Danish Navy, so rest assured it can handle the complexities of your council, or we can trim it back if you like it simple. Records? Microsoft SharePoint-based, which is the largest and most widely used EDMS in the world. Property and rating? There is no rating regime in place in Australia we can't handle. Rest assured, however, that even the smallest shire can gain impressive efficiencies and cost-savings by moving to the CouncilWise platform. Because of this, the only question we have for you is "how many users do you have?"