About CouncilWise

We are You.

How do we know so much about local government?

Because we are local government. Brighton Council in Tasmania owns CouncilWise and has more than 20 years experience developing property and rating software for local government and utilities. They took a very different approach - they asked the end user what they wanted, and they built the software to suit. Today, it remains one of the most capable and flexible property and rating systems available in Australia.

New name, but we've been around a while

And we'll be around for a while longer! CouncilWise was established by Brighton Council in early 2017 in order to take better advantage of cloud technologies and partnership with other leading cloud based software providers. Working in councils every day, we are excited about this next advance in optimising service delivery and efficiency within local government.

Our partnerships are world-class

We partner with Microsoft, Assetic and other global partners who provide the best of the best - then we package it up in a seamless experience and deliver it in a cost effective and efficient manner that puts a smile on our customer's faces. This means that local government can benefit from access to robust and proven services - and with our industry leading service level agreements, you can sleep easy knowing we are doing the heavy-lifting.

Our Team

Deep experience, dedicated service

We've put together a team capable of providing real solutions to real-world local government demands. Our depth and breadth of experience across council operations and technology together with our passion for cost-effective outcomes, drives our industry leading service levels. You won't find another software provider who knows local government like we do: from the inside out. We love what we do - and you will too!

Ron Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer

General Manager at Brighton Council in Tasmania and with 25 years of local government experience and with his background as an engineer in the oil industry, Ron drives our partnership approach to local government clients.

Greg Davoren, Chief Financial Officer

Greg is our financial wiz kid. He also works to ensure our customers get rock-solid service level agreements while advocating for cost effective solutions. Greg is also CFO at Brighton Council, and holds financial and IT qualifications. Like all good CFOs, Greg is passionate about saving money - and any activity involving water! Diving, sailing and surfing is how he spends his time outside the office.

Naveen Arora, Chief Strategy Officer

Naveen keeps our strategic focus nice and tight. After managing several major IT projects for New South Wales government, he has come on board to CouncilWise to lend his knack for strategic insight. Once you have a meeting with Naveen, you'll recognise why we are lucky to have him!

Ben Dornier, Chief Digital Officer

Ben works on developing technology solutions to common local government issues, and on our digital transformation solutions. His passion for smart cities, big data, machine learning drives his desire to enable councils of all sizes to access the future. With a head in the cloud, his feet are in local government.

Scott Smith, Software Development Manager

If you don't think your current property and rating software is good enough, what do you do? 20 years ago Scott faced this problem - so he wrote his own. Ever improving the software thanks to his daily conversations with users from councils across the country, Scott makes a lot of local government employees smile :)

Scott Christian, Solution Architect

Like the title suggests, Scott C makes challenges simple and gets them resolved quickly. He has assisted lots of councils to bring their IT systems into the future and moved Brighton Council's operations entirely to the cloud in a few weeks.


No one is future-proof. Try Future-Ready.

With disruptive and transformational technology having significant impacts across the government computing landscape, we believe the best is yet to come. No one can promise you 'future-proof' solutions, but we believe that platform architecture and solutions offerings are an important step in getting local government ready for the future.

Digital Transformations in Service Delivery

No other platform offers you the rich capabilities for transforming your council's community services at the price point and efficiency ours does. Because we know your business, we know the pain points of engaging effectively with your community over the broad reach of council services - and we have solutions for them.

Big Data, Machine Learning, Chatbots, IoT and Smart Cities

Emerging technologies are taking local government by storm - but how to effectively harness them? Our platform already does, and we can help you bring your council into this new age. We aren't talking about stuff still in R&D - our platform is live today. And when you are ready for blockchain, we'll be there!